A lost world is waiting for followers of Christ to engage it with the Gospel!  Eagle’s Landing is doing just that through the Frontier Awaits Global Outreach Strategy.  Centered on planting churches, we desire to see the Kingdom of God extend through 5 strategic focuses and partners:

  • Celebration Church in Ottawa, Canada
  • Elevate Church in San Diego, California
  • Miami Church Planting initiative through North American Mission Board
  • Church planting in Panama through International Mission Board
  • Adoption of the Tolupani of Honduras, an unreached people group of 20,000

Why just 5?

Through the power of focus, we will be able to make a greater impact! We desire to do just that – make an impact!

Why church planting?

Living organisms naturally reproduce. The church is not a building or an organization. When you consider Jesus’ command to “Go and make disciples of all nations”, you have to understand that spreading the good news of Jesus Christ should happen naturally – on an individual level and a corporate level! The church is the living body of Christ and we desire to biblically and naturally reproduce ourself. We desire to be a church that plant churches that plants churches!

Our focus

For the next few years, our focus will be on these strategic areas and partners. Praying for the unreached and those working among them. Going to the unreached with our partners and with arms locked together, help extend God’s Kingdom in these places and among the people encountered there. Encouraging the workers who labor in those fields daily, investing their lives in those people that God gives them.

We have to to go

Not to follow some trendy outreach fad but because we are compelled by the Great Commission. Because we are committed to a biblically rooted desire to see people come to Christ and learn how to reproduce themselves individually and corporately all for the purpose of seeing the nations worship the one true living God!