Christmas Gift Wrapping

If you’ve gotten your feet wet doing a project and you want to step out a bit further for Christmas, gift-wrapping is wonderful. You will attract a lot of attention among shoppers. Be ready for a possible onslaught of people wanting their presents wrapped. Be careful what you promised to store management at the mall on your first time out with this. If your total workforce is one small group, I suggest you sign up for just one weekend before Christmas. Thinking ahead, malls are also open to the idea of gift- wrapping on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other gift buying holidays.

Coffee Elves

Pass out coffee and cocoa to folks at busy places around Henry County. You can set up a tent outside local stores – be sure and get permission

Starbucks Drive Through Fun

When you’re picking up your “triple tall latte with 2 raw sugars”, tell the employee working the window that you want to pay for the person’s coffee order that is behind you. Ok, that could be risky if they have a full Suburban or ordering for the office, but go for it anyway! After you pay for it, give the employee a Connection Card * and ask them to give it to the person you are buying the coffee for. Easy!

Leaf Raking

As the saying goes, there’s safety in numbers. When it comes to serving, this is a slam-dunk. Find the yards in your neighborhood or anywhere around Henry County that have a lot of leaves in the yard and go for it. Just make sure you have enough rakers on your team so that no ones gets worn out – the more the merrier, anyway! If you can, approach houses with as many people as you can muster so that each place only takes a few minutes to complete.

Cookie Delivery

Deliver homemade goodies or Poinsettias to neighbors or service workers (grocery clerks, accountants, firefighters, etc.) in your community.

Business Blast

Pick up candy or flowers and serve the servants at retail stores this Christmas! If you have ever worked in retail you are aware of the stresses involved in working in such settings over a prolonged time frame. You may be surprised how open-hearted these people become when the tables are turned and you are on the giving end of things.

Christmas Tree Delivery

Work alongside In His Name Food Pantry to purchase and deliver Christmas trees for needy families. Include a Christmas card with each tree.

Birthday Party Organizing at a Nursing Home

There are few places where your kindness will be more appreciated than the local nursing home. For many, this gesture will be the first time they’ve been remembered in years. Know that in touching the one you focus upon, you are not reaching out to the one resident, but to the extended family who will surely hear about this act of kindness.

Tree Pick Up

If your trash service does not collect trees, offer to pick them up and dispose of them with a crew of church men.


Gather your LifeGroup friends and visit shut-ins or new folks in the neighborhood and serenade them with Christmas carols. Leave information about Eagle’s Landing and invite them to attend.


Once you’ve explained to a store manager your vision for serving the city and gotten in on his good graces, you have a powerful location for the future. Situate yourselves at the entrance, not the exit, of the store. On the way out of the store, customers are in hurry to get out to their cars. They won’t take what you have, and your servant team members will feel rejected. You can give away any number of different things that people could use. Just make sure that you are not taking away from the business of the store you are in front of.

Christmas De-Lighting

Offer to take down exterior Christmas lights and bundle them for residents.

(Ideas adapted from

* Pick up a handful of connection cards which are available at the GO Wall in the main lobby to use with your AOK Outreach!