Steps to take…

1. Pray

Ask God to give you a heart that beats for the world…like His! Next, ask Him in faith to guide you as you decide where to go!

2. Decide Where

GO Teams will be working in the 5 strategic focuses of the Frontier Awaits. Think through where you might best fit.

3. Decide When

Consider when it is best for you to go. Take advantage of natural times for you such as school breaks, holidays or other times.

4. Let Us Know

Click here to register your interest and get specific information!

5. Get Your Passport

If you decide on an international trip, go ahead and apply for your passport. If you presently have your passport, check the expiration date. Typically, a passport needs to be valid for 6 months past your travel dates.

6. Prepare

You and your team will be taken through a period of preparation that will cover support raising, becoming cross-cultural, team building, and other areas.

GO Teams are short-term mission teams that are designed to assist our church planting and missionary partners through the Frontier Awaits in a variety of ways. It will be exciting and energizing to experience firsthand how God is working through our partners. No vacation, these trips are intentional ministry endeavors…you and your team are equipped to learn and serve.