Are you ready to impact the communities around the McDonough campus?

Awesome! Mark Sunday, May 26 on your calendar! We will gather at 4pm in the Life Center (Room 106), just before the Memorial Day Picnic and engage our communities through a prayer walk!

Is prayer walking outreach?

Great question! David Garrison would say absolutely! Garrison, who serves as the International Mission Board’s Global Strategist for Evangelical Advance, wrote the book, Church Planting Movements. In this book Garrison gives ten universal elements that are present in any church planting movement in the world. The first element listed? You guessed it:  Prayer! Here is what he writes about prayer:

After surveying Church Planting Movements around the world, we found at least 10 elements present in every one of them. While it may be possible to have a Church Planting Movement without them, we have yet to see this occur. Any missionary intent on seeing a Church Planting Movement should consider these 10 elements.

1. Prayer

Prayer has been fundamental to every Church Planting Movement we have observed. Prayer typically provides the first pillar in a strategy coordinator’s master plan for reaching his or her people group. However, it is the vitality of prayer in the missionary’s personal life that leads to its imitation in the life of the new church and its leaders. By revealing from the beginning the source of his power in prayer, the missionary effectively gives away the greatest resource he brings to the assignment. This sharing of the power source is critical to the transfer of vision and momentum from the missionary to the new local Christian leadership.

We can say without reservation that prayer is not only outreach, it is critical to seeing people come to Christ!

So, put your walking boots on, bring your friends and family and join together in praying for God to move in 30253!