Did you hear the story of the city on the hill?

Not the one from the Casting Crowns song.  No, I am talking about the story of the church that stormed the gates of hell with the light of the gospel of Christ! (Ok…maybe a little on the dramatic side.)  Unless you have been in a hole, you must have heard that Eagle’s Landing hosted four “Block Party/Community Cookout/Back-to-School Celebrations” on July 28.  Since today’s society seems a little hesitant to come to church (nearly 70% of Henry County is lost), our city on the hill rallied the troops and setup shop in local communities.  Go to the people!

When the dust settled…we had at least 175 volunteers, served almost 1200 meals, provided around 750 children with a small packet of school supplies, gave away over 500 copies of The Story, and had a ton of fun!  A big shout-out goes to all that gave, served, prayed, and battled to make our lower story of outreach a continuation of God’s upper story of redemption.  Thank you!

And guess what…we are going to do it again!  (It’s the generosity of the donors that gives the servers life…it’s the hearts of servants that give the soldiers strength to fight…OK…I’ll leave the song writing up to Crowns.)

One” that the World May Know…

Wes Holder

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