A few years ago, Eagle’s Landing was introduced to Church Planter, Kevin Campbell. He was, at that time, a staff member at Midway Church in Villa Rica, Georgia. Kevin shared his desire to impact lostness in the San Diego area. So in 2008, Eagle’s Landing began to partner with Kevin and his team as they moved from Georgia to California. Elevate’s official launch was in January of 2009.

When we developed The Frontier Awaits! strategy, Kevin and Elevate Church were a natural fit!

Click here to watch Kevin share the story of how Elevate came to be.

Now it’s 2013. God has blessed Elevate Church. He has blessed Eagle’s Landing through them! We now shift our focus from San Diego to New Orleans. We praise God for what He has done and is yet to do in San Diego through Elevate!

We recently received a thank you card from Elevate:

We cannot thank you guys enough for holding up our arms in these very key years. We will FOREVER be grateful for your support! We love you!