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Erik Bennett, his family, and the rest of The Anchor Church family were very excited to celebrate The Anchor’s one year anniversary today, January the 26th!   Starting from just nine people in a living room, God has really been at work in The Anchor Church during the last year. In fact, it is amazing in itself that The Anchor Church has survived its first year of ministry.  Statistics show The Anchor Church’s target area mainly consists of 40% of Catholic, 40 % Jewish, 8% Protestant and the rest as something else.  For this reason, up to 70% of church planters in southern Florida shutdown before a year is up.  With that said, it is truly encouraging to say many people have come to call The Anchor Church their home.

Erik states, “One of the most amazing stories as of late is seeing a couple lead one of their fathers to Christ before he passed away at 89. Since then, they’ve led another family member to Christ and regularly bring extended family to the church.”

Here are some other highlights that have happened over the past year for The Anchor Church:

  • Started a student ministry coordinated between three church plants
  • Held our first Student Camp
  • Went on our first mission trip to Haiti
  • We’ve had the first “Anchor Baby” born
  • Started three City Group bible studies
  • Baptized 8 people
  • Grown to average around 70 with a reach of about 100

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