Puerto Rico is known as the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” and “is an unincorporated territory of the United States.”  It is also home for Freddy and Giselle Valcarcel and their family. They are Church Planters with the North American Mission Board in Caguas, Puerto Rico! The Valcarcels moved back to their homeland from Tennessee where they worked in Hispanic ministry and church planting.

The Valcarcels are planting Iglesia Bautista Nuevo Comienzo, or New Beginning Baptist Church in English. Caguas is home to almost 150,000 people. How many Southern Baptist churches in Caguas? Only two. In fact, there are almost 3.7 million people living in Puerto Rico and only 44 SBC churches to serve them!

Eagle’s Landing is entering into a partnership with NAMB and the Valcarcels to plant churches on this island in the Caribbean!