Here are some of our linch-pins when we minister through short-term missions at Eagle’s Landing!

The Local Church Is Where It’s At!

We seek to work with a local faith family in the areas we send teams. Sometimes, that isn’t possible because there are no churches! In that case, we work through church planters.

God’s Story & My Story!

We want our GO Teams to have every opportunity to share the story of God’s love for all peoples – the Gospel! Working with our partners, evangelistic efforts are designed to share the truth in culturally relevant ways.

Making Disciples is the Bomb!

Training. Modeling. Encouraging. The short-term missions experience is just a trip unless there is an intentional designed approach to turn people into disciples. Reproducing disciples that make disciples that impact the world! That’s what we’re after! And it is awesome!

Together We’re Better!

Partnering is a two-way street. It isn’t one sided. Recognizing that partners on the ground know their field of ministry better than an outsider is valuable. An Eagle’s Landing GO Team locks arms with a partner to advance God’s Kingdom in their world. The result? Both are strengthened, encouraged and learn from each other.

Don’t Go Unless You Go Prepared!

Team training is essential and expected. Period.

You’re So Sensitive!

Sensitive to our hosts and our host culture! Through planning and preparation, every GO Team learns about the culture they will be serving in – all for the purpose of being humble servants of Christ, the world and each other!

Speaking of Serving!

We like serving – each other – our hosts – those we are trying to teach and reach. Serve, serve, serve!

Short-Term for the Long-Term!

The short ministry experience should not end when we return to our homes. It should propel us into more effective ministry where we live our lives. Discipling. Reaching out. Sharing Jesus. Who knows where the experience will lead? Many short-termers begin to understand God’s greater purpose for their life as a result of serving on a GO Team. Many long-term missionaries got their hearts hooked for the world on a short-term mission trip.

So, let’s get GOING!