How to raise a prayer and financial support team

We all know that mission trips cost money. No one knows this better than God. If He wants you to go on this trip He won’t let something as small as lack of funds to stop you from going. We must step out in faith and trust that He will provide, most often in ways we’ve never imagined.

The first step in raising support for your trip is to PRAY. Pray that this trip is God’s will for your life at this time and for Him to prepare your support team financially and spiritually.

The next step is to TAKE ACTION as soon as possible after you decide to join a GO Team. While God does provide the funding for our trip, He wants us to do our part. He desires to work in and through us to financially and spiritually prepare us for the trip.

There are many ways to take action in order to fund a short-term mission trip. Pray first, use your imagination and the opportunities are endless.

Here are some general ideas to get you started:

  • send out your support letters as soon as possible
  • gather donations and host a community or neighborhood yardsale
  • talk to your employer – they may have money set aside for charitable giving
  • host a dinner and invite potential support individuals to purchase tickets or plates
  • practice self sacrifice – give up your morning latte or going out to lunch with co-workers and put this money towards your trip