Mission Statement: The Global Outreach Ministry exists to glorify God by leading the congregation of ELFBC to involve people living locally and beyond in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Purpose of Short-Term Missions

To build true disciples through mobilizing for local, national and international outreach through the LifeGroup and the congregation at large resulting in world impact, to provide opportunities for members of Eagle’s Landing FBC to lead people living beyond the community of Eagle’s Landing FBC into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to come alongside our church planting partners to learn about church planting and to assist and support them in their fields.

Objectives of Short-Term Missions
  • To expose Eagle’s Landing members to what God is doing around the world and to lead them to be personally involved in the Great Commission through cross-culture exposure and a disciple-making strategy.
  • To help Eagle’s Landing members grow in ministering in their home culture as a result of ministering through a GO Team.
  • To learn and understand what it means to plant reproducing churches.
  • Bring people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Teach people the Word of God.
  • To disciple the nations and lead them to worship the One True God.
  • To build and support our partnerships throughout the world.
  • To assist in church planting and evangelistic efforts around the world.
  • Equip people for and involve people in service.



 Short-term Team Selection Criteria

Must be an active member of ELFBC, have a testimony of salvation and growing walk with Christ  Non-member involvement considered on a case-by-case basis.

Must be at least 14 years of age to join a student team and 18 years of age to join an adult team.  Younger children may be eligible to join a team if a parent is on the team and the child’s participation has been cleared by field personnel and the Global Outreach Office.

Must complete and submit a GO Team application by the appropriate deadline.  All applications will be considered but not necessarily selected.

Participate in cross-cultural and team training.

Abide by other policies and guidelines as generated by the field, Global Outreach and the team.

Must be an active participant in the ministry plan and focus of the trip.

Must be flexible!

Students are encouraged to join a GO Team that travels during the summer or other school breaks.

To be eligible to join a GO Team, the person should have a zero balance from any prior Eagle’s Landing team.

Short–term Missionary Financial Support and Costs

Team members are expected to cover 100% of their portion of the cost of the trip.  This can be accomplished through raising financial support, using personal funds or a combination of the two.  Those participating in ELFBC sponsored teams will be required to complete the funding prior to departure.

Participation in giving through the Frontier Awaits Offering is highly encouraged.  50% of the final total cost will be covered through this offering (depending on the availability of funds) for those selected to be on the GO Team.  Because of this significant commitment of the church body through the Frontier Awaits Offering, financial support raising efforts should be focused outside of Eagle’s Landing First Baptist.  Direct requests for funds from LifeGroups, ministry groups and individual members is discouraged.  Direct support from close friends and family who are members of Eagle’s Landing is acceptable due to the relationship.

Church members chosen to be GO Team members can receive the contribution from the Frontier Awaits Offering once in a 12 month time-frame. Though they are not eligible to receive the contribution more than once with in a year, they may apply and join other teams.

Team members may decline the contribution from the Frontier Awaits Offering and cover the full cost of their trip.

Financial support raising should be focused on relationships.  Group fund raising (dinners, car washes, etc.) is discouraged.  Care should be taken in support raising so Eagle’s Landing First Baptist and it’s members are not perceived in the community as takers.

Trip Funding Goal / Timeline

90 Days  |  30% of funds

60 Days  |  60% of funds

30 Days  |  75% of funds

10 Days  |  100% of funds

Team members are responsible for covering any cost associated with obtaining passports, immunizations and/or medications for travel.  It is the team member’s responsibility to verify that their passport is valid for traveling internationally. Though validity requirements vary from country to county, the most common amount of time that a passport needs to be good for after the trip is 6 months.

Family members on the same team can raise support together (gifts split equally).  Non-family members cannot raise support together.

If the required support has not been met, the team member will meet with the Team Leader and a representative from Global Outreach to determine action steps.  If the decision is made to allow the team member to go on the trip, a commitment to repay the funds above their current support level will be made.

Contributions must be made payable to Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church and must be designated with the team member’s team and name to receive credit for the contribution.  Team member’s name should not be recorded on a support check.  Include a separate notation with this information with the check.  Support raising forms are available from the Global Outreach website or the Team Leader.

If the team member raises more than the required support or for any reason cannot participate on the short-term trip, their support or trip funds will be reallocated the team fund, to the Global Outreach Designated Fund for Short-Term Missions or to the Frontier Awaits Offering.

It is the team member’s responsibility to inform the team leader and their supporters if they have to cancel their travel and participation on the short-term trip.  Support received is not refundable and will be reallocated to the team.  Balance information will be determined at the time of cancellation and depends on expenses paid out on the team member’s behalf (ie. airfare).  The team member is responsible for any such costs.  Any travel vouchers available will belong to the team member.  Any associated change / cancellation fees will be the responsibility of the team member.

Support funds raised above the cost of the trip will be used to assist other team members or for other team expenses.  Overage funds cannot be held, carried over or “banked” for another trip.  If there are overage funds remaining after all team expenses/costs have been met, they will be used to assist other Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church GO Team volunteer missions endeavors.

The contribution from the Frontier Awaits Offering will be credited to the team member’s balance who is in need of the funds, just before the trip takes place.  Only the amount needed to meet the total cost of the trip will be credited.  For example, if the team member’s contributions and payments exceed their portion of the trip expense and represent 60% of the trip cost, the Frontier Awaits contribution will only satisfy the balance of 40%.

Contribution reports will be made available at each team meeting and at other times upon request.

Within 30 days of returning from short-term trips, team members are asked to submit a written report summarizing their ministry experience to their support team as well as thanking them for their support.

To be eligible to join a GO Team, the person should have a zero balance from any prior Eagle’s Landing team.

Each team member is strongly encouraged to raise prayer support no matter how they pay for the cost of their trip.

A $100 deposit (Checks payable to Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church) is due within 10 days of the application date. The deposit is refundable if the applicant is not selected as a team member.

Short-term Missionary Behavior

Team members participating on ELFBC sponsored trips are reminded that they are ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Not only do they represent Christ, but the United States, ELFBC and the partnership within the country.

Team members must submit to the team leader’s authority.

Team members must refrain from abusive language, alcoholic beverages, illegal narcotics, smoking, etc.

Team members should remember that the team is on the field for a short time while the missionary(ies), local church(es) and organization(s) they are working with are there for the long term. Therefore, an attitude of respect and service is the expectation, recognizing our partner’s knowledge, insights and instructions.  We are there to serve and assist only. Our presence should not hinder the work in any way.

Team members should not make any commitments on behalf of ELFBC regarding future involvement with the field and are encouraged not to make any personal commitments either.

Due to anti-American sentiment in various countries around the world, ELFBC asks that each team member refrain from expressing political opinions while working abroad.

If a problem cannot be reconciled on the field, the team member will be sent home at his/her personal expense.


Each team member is encouraged to research vaccine, medications and other medical needs related to travel.  It is recommended that each member consult with their medical care providers so decisions can be made and measures taken to prevent illnesses that might result from international travel.  This should be done well in advance of departure as some vaccines are given in stages and medicines taken according to schedules.  Only vaccines REQUIRED FOR ENTRY will be required for team members.